Why You Should Consider Improving Your Website As We Rebuild From COVID-19

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At a time when small businesses around the country are struggling to adjust to this new reality, conducting business through your website, and optimizing for mobile-friendly viewing, has never been more crucial. While everyone is at home spending hours surfing the web, it’s the perfect time to make sure your website’s design and functionality are in order. Taking the time to make sure your website is the best it can be, especially during the age of COVID-19, could potentially save your business, or at the very least, help you secure customer loyalty for the future.

It’s not enough to just create a website, your website must be able to adapt to the changing conditions of the world. Your site should accurately represent the services you provide but it should also be captivating, beautifully designed and functional. Most websites are already designed with SEO in mind but, it is important to keep your website up to date with Google constantly changing their algorithm and the needs of your customers changing overtime. Updating your website frequently is one of the easiest ways to improve your site’s ranking on search engines. Updating old keywords, titles and descriptions are a few easy fixes if you feel like your website needs a little refreshing.

As companies try to figure out how to work from home, focusing on everything from online communication to online ordering, you want to make sure your website is as updated and has the most accurate information as possible. Focusing on content and SEO are two important things to focus on during a time when people’s needs and expectations are changing. In order for your website to be helpful and informative, it must be current with the times. For example, you may want to take a look at the layout of your site to make sure that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Your website should also be optimized for mobile phone use because these days people are on-the-go and want to be able to look something up on their smartphone as quickly as possible.

If the pandemic has made some aspects of your business impossible, consider delivering content in different ways and focus on maintaining an engaging online presence. Video content and virtual engagement are two ways you can maintain engagement. It’s all about adapting and making the best of the current situation!

In addition, making sure your clients can process orders and book appointments on your website is absolutely crucial. While you may prefer to conduct business from your store or office, you can still make connections online! Making sure that your website’s design is accommodating and easy to navigate are ways you can make your website feel just as friendly as your physical space does! Let your clients know that you can still serve them and their needs through your website! The pandemic may have changed the flow of your business, but you can still let people know you are there for them through your website! Your clients will notice small changes and appreciate the time it took to make sure your website is appealing and easy for them to use.

COVID-19 has forced small businesses around the world to adapt to these difficult conditions. While sitting behind a computer screen may not be the ideal situation for your business, you can still be successful if you optimize your site for mobile friendly viewing, deliver interesting content, make sure your website easy to navigate and improve your SEO tactics. Building a solid online presence is key in getting through this tough time.