Marketing Your Business For Halloween Can Bring Some Bone-Chilling Results

Halloween is a multibillion-dollar industry for businesses across the globe. If done with a little creativity, and some careful planning, Halloween marketing can increase your profit, boost engagement, and humanize your brand.
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Who doesn’t love Halloween? Contrary to popular belief, Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids, parents and young adults can get excited about it too. It’s the perfect excuse for adults to channel their inner child and dress up for a night of carefree fun and silliness. Not to mention, Halloween is a multibillion dollar industry for businesses across the globe. If done with a little creativity, and some careful planning, Halloween marketing can increase your profit, boost engagement and humanize your brand.

In 2019 the National Retail Federation surveyed more than 7,400 Americans on the topic of Halloween; the survey found that 68% of people said they plan to celebrate, with 69% saying they will hand out candy, 49% decorating homes and 47% dressing in costume. The survey also found that up to 25% of Americans’ holiday plans are influenced by social media, including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The National Retail Federation’s annual survey estimated that American consumers would spend $2.6 billion on Halloween candy, or, about $25 per person on average. With other Halloween purchases like costumes, decorations and greeting cards, Halloween spending was expected to reach $8.8 billion. Needless to say, Halloween is a huge money-making industry.

Halloween marketing is an excellent way for small businesses to boost engagement and establish brand recognition because, who doesn’t love taking part in Halloween festivities? Whatever services or products your business provides, if you can find a way to incorporate Halloween into your social media routine, produce Halloween themed products or even put on a Halloween themed event, your social media is sure to blow up and your profits will most likely increase. Engaging with fun Halloween traditions, or posting Halloween related pictures on social media humanizes your brand and shows customers that your business has a fun personality.

In 2018 Koala Mattresses came up with a spook-tacular Halloween themed marketing campaign and it’s the perfect example of how other businesses can create their own low cost versions. What they did was create a Halloween themed easter egg hunt where participants had to find hidden easter eggs in images throughout their website. The winner who correctly identified the number of eggs on the site would receive a free pillow. They promoted the contest on social media and made sure to announce the winner over social media at the end of the competition.

This easter egg hunt was a genius idea because it made people scroll through their website, it boosted engagement over social media and it established the company’s brand as a fun and creative one.

Other Halloween marketing ideas could include changing your company’s profile picture to something silly like a Jack-o-Lantern or a skeleton, making up a creepy hashtag and asking people to share their images using the hashtag, putting on a Halloween themed event, making spooky labels for your company’s products or creating a fun contest like Koala did. 

The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it! Your customers will appreciate the thought behind your fun, Halloween themed messages.