4 Effective Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

Play along and have some fun with these four effective Halloween marketing campaign ideas for your small business.
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Halloween is a huge moneymaker and a multimillion-dollar industry, therefore it is in your company’s best interest to play along and have some fun with it! There is always money to be made, especially around the holidays, if you can put together a plan that is both strategic and creative. Below are four of the best ways you can market effectively for Halloween.

1. Spook-tacular Packaging & Product Labels

Depending on the products your business provides, giving your packaging and product labels a Halloween makeover can be super easy, effective, and fun! For the whole month of October, try coming up with a spooky design for your labels and packaging, one that is sure to give your customers a fright! Whether you incorporate spider webs, Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts or skeletons, your new design is sure to catch the attention of your customers and get them into the Halloween spirit. Giving your packaging and product labels a spooky makeover will show that your company knows how to be engaging and market like an evil genius.

An excellent example of this strategy is when Kylie Cosmetics launched a Halloween collection back in 2018. The bright, bold colors and product labels were designed to capture the essence of Halloween with some of the product labels featuring images of black bats, mummies, ghosts, and skeletons. It’s little details like this that get people excited about Halloween and make people want to buy Kylie Cosmetics.

2. Bone-chilling Contests & Giveaways 

Halloween themed contests and giveaways, especially over social media, is an easy way to interact with your customers and give back to your community. The best thing about contests and giveaways is that it’s beneficial for both your company and your customers. Rewarding your most loyal customers for their business is a great way to build customer loyalty and trust. You can do something as simple as asking your social media followers to use a fun hashtag and tag you in their Halloween posts. Creating a new hashtag is fun, easy and interactive. At the end of the contest you can decide who wins and what sort of prize they get!

Contests could be something along the lines of best Halloween costume, best home or office decorations, best Halloween themed cocktail or even the cutest puppy costume. Prizes could range from giving away a free product to offering discounts on future purchases. 

New York Jeweler Kendra Scott did something similar when she created an online scavenger hunt on her website to incentivize customers to explore the site. The idea was that whoever found the correct amount of pumpkins would receive discounts on future products. This is a simple and brilliant way to get people to engage with your website while also showing that you value your loyal customers.

3. A Wicked Web Makeover 

If you’re looking into creating a Halloween marketing campaign, you might consider giving your website a little Halloween makeover. You could do something as simple as create a banner that says “Happy Halloween” or as intricate as what London based gourmet food company, Fortnum & Mason, did and add some spooky spider web designs to your website, along with Halloween themed products. Giving your website a Halloween makeover shows that your company is in the Halloween spirit and that you put a lot of thought consideration into the mood or feeling of your website. It also boosts engagement. 

4. Team Up With Frightening Fall Festivals

This one may be a bit more tedious, depending on your company, but the results will definitely be worth all the time and effort. Everyone loves a good fall festival (or any festival, really) so participating in these festivals will be hugely important for several reasons. By partnering with these fall festivals you can expand your professional network, gain customers, test new products, increase sales and build a greater social media following. Not to mention, it’s a great way to engage with your community. Face and brand recognition will be easy at these festivals.