3 Effective Halloween Marketing Ideas For eCommerce Retailers

Start implementing Halloween marketing strategies that will be sure to help boost your sales and increase brand recognition this season.
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Halloween is sure to be a busy time for eCommerce retailers with people ordering costumes, candy, and decorations for their homes and office. Now is the perfect time to start implementing some Halloween marketing strategies that will be sure to help boost your sales and increase brand recognition. Try implementing any of these three easy marketing ideas to your eCommerce business today.
1. Provide A Free Halloween Gift 
Who doesn’t love a free gift? If people are already loyal fans of your site, they’ll feel even more grateful to receive a free Halloween gift along with any purchase (or any purchase over a certain amount). Those who are new to your site will be pleasantly surprised by the generous gift. This free gift idea is sure to establish customer loyalty because you’ve shown that you will go out of your way to spread a little Halloween cheer. Trust us, a free gift will go a long way because people will remember your site the next time they’re surfing the web.
2. Offer a 31% Discount For The 31st of October
Offering a 31% discount for the 31st of October is a clever and easy way to get people excited for Halloween and will help convince them to make a larger purchase then they may have originally intended! These offers could last for as short as a few hours or even as long as a month. Coming up with a Halloween themed codeword, like Boo or SpookySavings, is also a nice way to get into the Halloween spirit and keep it simple for the consumer to remember. When people visit your site, you can bring the 31% discount to their attention in the form of a pop-up, slider, and/or banner. Check out how Land’s End did this under number four.
3. A Halloween Banner or Halloweenify Your Logo

Halloween banners are yet another way to remind people that Halloween is coming up and they need to order their bulk candy bags, decorations, and costumes. A simple banner at the top of your site can easily get the Halloween anticipation and buying started, especially paired with all of the other strategies listed above. Best of all, Halloween banners don’t take that much time to design or implement. You can also add a creepy effect to your logo to express your site’s excitement for Halloween. Google is a prime example of how fun and effective it is to change your logo for the holiday season.